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AEERO è un progetto Europeo promosso da un consorzio di 7 partner che insieme creeranno delle risorse di apprendimento online, con materiali formativi facilmente  accessibili per lavoratori ed imprese attivi nel settore Aerospaziale Europeo. Le risorse...

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For SRL is a consultancy working on two different areas of activity.
The first area is that of vocational training through the provision of educational services and needs analysis. Particular attention is given to the quality of service and to the use of ICT tools to support traditional and class taught training.

The second area is that of European projects for both state and private companies. FOR has been directly involved in the Lifelong Learning program since 2010 and then in Erasmus + program.

Erasmus + is an ongoing voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only increases social inclusion, active citizenship and personal growth, but also competitiveness and opportunities for employment.

The Staff

Paolo Tubino is the Manager of For Srl. After his graduation in Economics he began a career as enterprise consultant, specializing himself in projecting and management of vocational processes for public and private entities, being also officially recognized by Province of Genoa as VET operator. He was involved in consultancy for enterprise organization, commercial development, business and investment plan and internationalization processes. In 2006 he created FOR S.a.s.. For s.a.s worked with enterprises at local and national level by supporting their development processes, with particular attention to vocational education. For Sas was transformed in For Srl in August 2016 and is now  focused on vocational consultancy, development support and participation to European project.

Raffaella Pasquali is a collaborator for For Srl . since his creation. She is a specialized consultant in Vocational processes and Human resources development. After her graduation in Economics, she began her career as reporting consultant for small and medium enterprises. Then she develop her skills in vocational education becoming a consultant for Province of Genoa and for private companies. In particular she was engaged in reporting and controlling of vocational project funded by Province of Genoa under ESF. From 2000 she was involved as a private consultant in projecting, management and reporting of vocational processes in SMEs. She worked with For S.a.s. since its creation.

Daniele Garulla is a employee for For Srl who works in the field of European Projects. He graduated in Diplomatic and International Science at the University of Genoa in 2006 and began his working experience within the European Project Area of Municipality of Genoa. In this role he offers support to Municipality departments willing to participate in European projects. He has since been collaborator to several consultancy companies that operate in supporting public organisations that participate in European projects. He also offers consultancy in the creation and management of small to medium – sized companies. He has been collaborating with For Srl since 2008.